Earthly Wonders Beauty Transforming your skin and hair....naturally!
  • Soap**

    Sunflower, coconut, and olive oil combine with shea butter to create the softest lather your body has ever known.  This soap is both moisturizing to the skin and pleasing to the senses with a few natural fragrances to choose from, make your bath experience a memorable one.  Each bar is hand-cut and about 5 ounces in weight.

    Ingredients: sunflower oil, coconut oil, distilled water, olive oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, your choice of essential oil 

    Now you can detoxify your body and skin with our detox soaps.  Activated charcoal and turmeric work to tone skin and bring out toxins deep within, while spicy cinnamon bark gets your blood circulating. A hint of ginger and bergamot make the smell amazing!
    The Detox Face Soap contains no essential oils for those with sensitive skin.

    Additional ingredients in Cinnamon Detox and Detox Face Soap: activated charcoal, turmeric, and cinnamon bark essential oil

    Earthly Wonders Beauty's Beauty Bar is a new recipe that provides skin with a radiant glow. Ingredients were chosen specifically for their ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, and reform your skin. Infusions of dragon's blood, chamomile, and hibiscus give the skin healthy vitamins while flaxseed oil add omegas to the cocktail. Your skin will love it!

    Ingredients: sunflower oil, coconut oil, hibiscus & chamomile distilled water, olive oil (infused with dragon's blood, chamomile, and hibiscus), sodium hydroxide, unrefined shea butter, essential oils (neroli, orange, & ylang ylang extra), flaxseed oil, vitamin e, açai powder, love. 

    Some ingredients should be avoided during pregnancy.  Please read all ingredients before purchasing.

    **If soap is not available at time of order, please allow 2 weeks for shipment.  Notification will be provided upon order submission.